Vol.2 – Issue 3 (March– 2016)

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Improving The Air Tightness Of An Early 20th Century House
Authors: Rosanne Walker; Sara Pavía
Suitability Of Sewage Sludge Ash As A Filler Material In Asphalt Concrete
Authors: Ing. Zachary Gariy Abiero; Donald Owili
Analysis Of Fluid Flow In Contracting Transition Duct Using Ansys Software Package
Authors: Asima Madokuboye; E. A. Ogbonnaya
The Application Of Point Estimate Method (pem) In The Tunnel No. 2 Of Kurdistan, Nw Iran
Authors: Vahid Hosseinitoudeshki; Seyyed Mohammad Ali Rouhani
Synthesis And Some Physical Properties Of Magnetite (fe3o4) Nps
Authors: Ahmed N. Abd; Duha M. A. Latif; Wasna'a M. Abdulridha
Evaluation Of the Effect Of Ratio Of The Dam Concrete And The Bed Rock Stiffness On Seismic Performance Of Roller-compacted Concrete Dam
Authors: Mortaza Ali Ghorbani; Mohammad Jalali
Construction Of Closed Channel In The Zone Of Road Communication
Authors: Adila Nuric
An Alternative To Smart Cities In Mauritius: A Focus-group Approach
Authors: Nirmal Kumar Betchoo
Determination Of Azerbaijan Electric Power Industry Security For Long-term Periods On The Basis Of Fuzzy Deduction
Authors: V. Kh. Nasibov
Introduction Of Langelier Saturation Index To Production Of Freshwater From Seawater
Authors: Robert Poku; Bebeteidoh O. Lucky; Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya
Slope Stability Analysis: Case Study
Authors: Meftah Ali
Behavior Of Single Pile Adjacent To Slope Embedded In Reinforced Sand Under Lateral Load
Authors: W. R. Azzam; M. A. El Sawwaf; A. K. Nazir; F. F. El Fekky
Effect Of Sterilization Of Mongolian Traditional Wine(airag) Using Hv Impulse Characteristics
Authors: Hee-kyu Lee; Dorjsuren Tuvshinjargal; Dorjsuren Baatarkhuu
Mechanics Of A Fluid-conveying Pipeline System Resting On A Viscoelastic Foundation
Authors: Patrick S. Olayiwola
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