Vol.8 – Issue 3 (March– 2022)

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Development Of A Baby Care System
Authors: A. R. Zubair; A. E. Udom; S. A. Paul; A. P. Adedigba
Caratlane. Com: Is Indian Gold Glittering?
Authors: Reema Khurana
Pb, Cd, Zn Absorbing Capability Of The Lau Plant (saccharum Arundinaceum) To Treat Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil After Mining At Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam
Authors: Tran Thi Pha; Duong Thi Minh Hoa; Ban Thi My; Dam Xuan Van; Phan Thi Thu Hang; Trần Hải Dang; Duong Minh Ngoc; Hoang Thi Lan Anh
Unsteady Interaction Of The Supersonic Jet, Issuing From Butt-end Of Cylinder, With The Contrary Supersonic Free Stream
Authors: Vladimir I. Pinchukov
Plank Spectrum Is Incorrect: Energy Is Not Quantized (plank Spectrum Is Cavity Dependent And Charge Independent) (lenard Experiment Is Incomplete And Conclusions Are Incorrect)
Authors: Bandula W. Dahanayake
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