Vol.6 – Issue 5 (May– 2020)

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Two Retail Giants On The Indian Turf – Walmart Vs Amazon
Authors: Reema Khurana; Susmi Routray
Application Of Physical Factors In Complex Etiopathogenetic Therapy Patients With Coronavirus-19
Authors: Bitsoev Vladimir Dodtievich
A Grid-connected Dc Microgrid Application For A Typical School Load Demand
Authors: Mohd Alam; Kuldeep Kumar; Viresh Dutta
Evaluation Of Pawpaw Plant Extracts Against Sitophilus Zeamais (mots) (coleoptera: Curculionidae) On Maize Seeds
Authors: Adenekan, M. O; A. O. D. Adejumo; O. K. Akande
Effects Of Multiple Reflections Of Light Within An Equilateral Prism
Authors: Antonio Parretta
Research On The Spreading Model Of Stock Market Rumors On Homogeneous Network
Authors: Gao, Xiangyang
Quantum Spin-1/2: Genesis Of Voodoo-physics [theoretical Blunder Wrapped In Bogus Stern-gerlach Experiment] (from Qm Non-sense Back To Common-sense Reality)
Authors: Bandula W. Dahanayake
Design And Development Of A Diffuse Evaluation System
Authors: Diana Berenice Granados Lemus; Roberto Baeza Serrato
Application Of Computational Tri-nodal Blockchain Technology In Medical Diagnosis Of Out-patient Treatment And Management
Authors: E. E. Jumbo; V. Zalizko; E. Rove-steiner
Effect of Direct Contact Use of Selected Mobile Phones on Skin Temperature
Authors: Kingsley Monday UDOFIA
Comparison Of Signal Strength-Based And Distance-Based Cluster Head Selection For Cellular Network In The 2100 Mhz Frequency Band
Authors: Kufre M. Udofia
Characterization Of The Annual Residential Energy Demand In Nigeria Using The Multiple Linear Regression Model
Authors: Gloria Ngozi Ezeh; Nathaniel Chimaobi Nnadi; Njoku Chukwudi Alozie
Artificial Neural Network-based Modeling And Forecasting Of Electricity Generation In Nigeria
Authors: Ofonime Samuel Eyo; Ozuomba Simeon; Aneke Chikezie Samuel
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