Vol.6 – Issue 3 (March– 2020)

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A Novel Methodology For Modelling Pv Module Based On Monitored Data
Authors: Makanju T. D; Oluwalana 0. J
Correlation Between Electromagnetic Wave Equation And Einstein Theory Of Relativity In Derivation Of Schrödinger Equation And Hilbert Space Operators
Authors: Musundi W. Sammy; Mbatha M. Elizabeth; Kamweru K. Paul
Influence Of Renewable Polymer/modifier Composition And Processing On The Properties Of Multifunctional Adhesive Leather Bonds From Pvac.
Authors: Agbogo U. V.; Dauda B. M.; Sunmonu O. K.; Elobuike A. C.; Inuwa I. M.
New Patent Maps To Visualize Worldwide Patent Strength Of Competitors On Lidar System
Authors: Liu, Kuotsan; Li, Yichen
Biochar: As An Absorbent For Organic And Inorganic Contaminants In Soil And Water-a Review
Authors: S. K. Gunatilake; A. A. S. V. Gunatilake
UV Absorption Analysis Of Nano- Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Fabricated From Zno Thin Films
Authors: Nagla El Badri Mohammed Saeed El Badri; Mubark Dirar Abd Alla; Abd Elazeem Mohamed Ali
Process Configuration For Product Quality Enhancement Using Multi-syntax Combinatorial Manufacturing Capabilities
Authors: Emmanuel E. Jumbo; Efosa Obaseki; Otuami Obiga
Optimization Of Machine Learning Process Variables In The Modelling Of Autonomous Robotic Motions
Authors: Emmanuel E. Jumbo; Otuami Obiga; Efosa Obaseki
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