Vol.4 – Issue 11 (November– 2018)

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Isolation Of Bacteria From Soil Contaminated With Used Engine Oil In Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Authors: M. M. Alhassan; M. J. Madu; Ahmad Hadiza A
Predisposing Factors In Adoption And Utilization Of Natural Family Planning Methods Among Women In Owerri Main Market, Imo State Nigeria
Authors: Egbuche Chioma L; Onuoha Udonna . P
Design And Fabrication Of A Prototype Offshore Blowout Preventer(bop) Stack
Authors: Falade, A. A.; Oso,o. O; Rotimi,i. A
Development Of An Arduino Based Countdown Time Reminder For Conduct Of Examination In Institutions Of Learning
Authors: Udekwe C. N.; Ponnle A. A
Intrusion Detection Systems: Principles And Perspectives
Authors: Mohammed Jamal Al-mansor; Kok Beng Gan
Comparison Of Output Parameters Of Interleaved Buck Converter Using Different Current Control Methods
Authors: Hilmi Zenk
Destruction Of Weeds Using Hv Pulsed Discharges
Authors: Hee-kyu Lee; Dorjsuren Baatarkhuu; Dorjsuren Tuvshinjargal; Amgalanzul Jargalsaihan
Criterion For Determining The Period Of Energetically Safe Flight Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Authors: Volodymyr Maslov; Anastasia Shcherban; Vitalii Larin; Natalia Kachur
Health Care Seeking Behavior Of Adolescent Girls In A Selected Area, Northern Bangladesh
Authors: M Sabrina Moonajilin; Ratna Paul
Local Action Basic -support System Theory Of System Architecture Development
Authors: Amna Ali Nasser Al- Saadi; Riken Homma; Kazuhisa Iki
Determination Of Fracture Pressure And The Type Of Formation Pore Pressure Gradients Of Al Ghani Field In Sirte Basin Using Different Methods
Authors: Ahmed Tunnish; Abdalkadr Milad
Study Of The Drying And Bioactive Compounds Degradation Kinetics Of Of Germinated Soybean Seeds During Microwave Processing
Authors: Duong Thi Phuong Lien
Design of the Microcontroller Based Fish Dryer
Authors: Ogbonna Chima Otumdi; Kalu Constance; Ozuomba Simeon
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