Vol.2 – Issue 5 (May– 2016)

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The Blow-up Time For Reaction-diffusion Equations With Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
Authors: Halima. Nachid; L. B. Sobo Blin; Yoro. Gozo
Comments On Multi-window Against Mobile Application Lock
Authors: Ahmed Y. Mahmoud; Ali Osama Mahdi
Design And Development Of Elearning University System
Authors: Ahmed Y. Mahmoud; Mohammed S. Barakat; Mahmoud J. Ajjour
Enhancing The Use Of Decision Support Systems For Re-engineering Of Operations And Business- Applied Study On The Palestinian Universities
Authors: Samy S. Abu Naser; Mazen J. Al Shobaki
Karstification Of Limestone Around The Tunnels
Authors: Vahid Hosseinitoudeshki; Ashkan Rahmani
Molecular Structure, Vibrational Spectra And Electronic Properties Of Cis-[pt(2-aminothiazole)2cl2]
Authors: Rumyana Yankova
The Effect Of Thermal Annealing Processes On Structural, Topographical And Optical Properties Of Manages Sulfide Thin Films
Authors: Alia A. A. Shehab; Suha. A. Fadaam
The Concentration Effects On Preparation Of (fe2o3) Nanoparticle By Chemical Spray Pyrolysis (csp) Technique
Authors: Noor J. Sahib; Majid H. Hassoni
The Thickness Effects Characterization Properties Of Copper Oxide Thin Films Prepared By Thermal Evaporation Technique
Authors: Sameer Atta. Makki; Hiba M. Ali
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