Vol.2 – Issue 10 (October– 2016)

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Comparison Of Geostatic Method Based On Gis For Determining The Best Interpolation Method For Zoning The Aquifer Transmissivity In Shabestar Plain
Authors: Gholamreza Ahmadzadeh; Faeze Jafari
Modeling Of The Gaussian Laser Beam By Approximate Solution Of Helmholtz Equation
Authors: Bahaa Jawad Alwan
Utilization Of Green Waste Foundry Sand In Concrete Paver Blocks
Authors: Esther Momanyi; Raphael Mutukub; Zachary Gariy
A Hybrid Forecasting Model Based On Automatic Clustering Algorithm And Fuzzy Time Series
Authors: Nghiem Van Tinh; Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhung
Evaluation Of The Antifungal And Antioxidant Activity Of Citrullus Colocynthis Against The Dieback Of Olive Tree In South Tunisia
Authors: Amira Bouzoumita; Anis Chikhoune; Nizar Chairaa; Khaled Belouchette; Khawla Chiheder; Ferchichi Ali
Evaluation Of Mianeh Aquifer Hydro Geochemical Aspects Of Agriculture, Industry And Drinking
Authors: Gholamreza Ahmadzadeh
The Gems (gravity-em Super) Unification Theory : The Unification Of The Four Forces Of Nature, Prediction Of New 21mev And 22 Mev Particles, And Correspondence With Electro-weak Theory
Authors: John E. Brandenburg
Cfd Simulation Of Mixing Effect On A Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Authors: Ademola S. Olufemi; Oluwafemi O. Olayebi; Iwekumo Wauton; Ubong Ekanem
Fabrication And Characterization Of Mgxzn1-xo/si Solar Cell By Using Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Method
Authors: Kawkab. D. Salim; Abdulmajeed E. Ibrahim; Ismael Khalil
Influence Of Structural Properties Of Pure Sno2,fe2o3 And Nanocomposite Sno2 /fe2o3 Thin Films Deposited By Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Authors: Ali Ahmed Yousif; Hanan Raad Kutif
Bonding Mechanism Of Ti/az80 Dissimilar Materials Fabricated By Spark Plasma Sintering
Authors: Patchara Pripanapong; Junko Umeda; Hisashi Imai; Makoto Takahashi; Katsuyoshi Kondoh
Changes In The Concentration Of Btex (benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, M/p-xylene And O-xylene) Following Environmental And Occupational Exposure To Vapors
Authors: Ivana Sutic; Aleksandar Bulog; Ingrid Sutic; Valentino Pavisic; Ines Mrakovcic-Sutic
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