Vol.9 – Issue 4 (April– 2023)

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Evaluation Of The Performance Of A 98. 4 Kwp Grid-tied Pv System And Analysis Of The Proposed Design With Different Simulation Tools
Authors: Urim Buzra
Modeling Small Scale Photovoltaic Systems: A Guide To Identify Operational And Financial Risk Factors For Their Success - A Case Study From Berat, Albania
Authors: Matilda Shehu; Urim Buzra; Saimir Tola; Leonard Abazaj
Physically Activated Nut Residues As Strontium And Manganese Adsorbents From Contaminated Waters - Equilibrium And Isotherm Models
Authors: Despina Vamvuka; Despina Pentari; Vasiliki Stathopoulou; Elena Sdokou
Rheological Properties Of Dough And Quality Characteristic Of Wheat Whole Grain Bread Added With Black Chokeberry (aronia Melanocarpa)
Authors: Toncho Kolev; Rosen Chochkov; Hafize Boz
Tuning Methods And Controllers Design For Dc Motor
Authors: Vasileios Provatas; Spyros Provatas
Statistical Converges Of Series And Statistical Pettis Integration
Authors: Anita Caushi; Ervenila Musta
The “ne” Integral Transform And Fractional Differential Equations
Authors: Ervenila Musta (xhaferraj); Anita Caushi
Quantum Mechanics: The Existential Crisis (Eigenspace of the Position Operator is Not Unique) (Position and Momentum Operators in QM Cannot Coexist)
(If Light Consists of Photons E=hf, Light Cannot Exist) (Heisenberg Uncertainty Shenanigans Cannot Exist)

Authors: Bandula W. Dahanayake
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