Vol.9 – Issue 2 (February– 2023)

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Expanding Universe: Blind Physics (star Redshift Is Not The Doppler Effect) (redshift Is Wavelength Shift; There Is No Frequency Shift) (neither The Observers Nor Gravity Can Bend Light)
Authors: Bandula W. Dahanayake
Effect Of Charcoal Powder On Farinograph Properties Of Dough And Wheat Bread Quality
Authors: Rosen Chochkov; Lazar Kirilov
Ec2 And Aci 318m-14 Flexural Provisions For Beams Compared Via A Simplified Study
Authors: Shodolapo Oluyemi Franklin; Gofaone Gaaitsewe Mogatle
Ways To Improve The Energy Extraction From Nuclear Fusion
Authors: Szeto Ching Ho
Development Of Protégé-based Ontology For E-learning Semantic Web Applications
Authors: Udoidiong Godwin Ezekiel; Ozuomba Simeon; Constance Kalu
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