Vol.7 – Issue 11 (November– 2021)

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Two Self-oscillatory Regimes Of Supersonic Flows Near The Pair Cylinder – Open Channel
Authors: Vladimir I. Pinchukov
Determination Of Delivery Routes Using The K-means And Elbow Algorithms
Authors: Juan José Paniagua Medina; Roberto Baeza Serrato
Study The Performance Of Finned Pile Groups In Sand Under Cyclic Load Using Finite Element Modelling
Authors: Omar Ashour; Maher T. El-nemr; Waseim R. Azzam; Ehab K. Gaber
Determining Chromosome Numbers Of Papaver Species Grown In The Natural Flora Of Turkey
Authors: Erkan Kesat; Tuğba Eserkaya Güleç ; Ahmet Yıldırım
Development Of A Waiter-Based Service Management System For Entertainment And Hospitality Centres
Authors: Eze Ihendu Praise Nimi; Kalu Constance; Wali Samuel
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