Vol.6 – Issue 7 (July– 2020)

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Application Of Quality And Cost Based Method For Consultant's Selection For Roads And Bridges Selection Method In Khartoum State
Authors: Mudthir Bakri; Omer Khider; Osama M. Ahmed
Anticorrosion Properties Of Vitex Doniana On Mild Steel In Hcl Solution
Authors: L. N. Emembolu; P. K. Igbokwe; C. N. Onyenanu
Loss Function And Satistical Control In The Measurement Of Knitted School Sweater Canvases
Authors: Joel Tapia Flores; Juan Antonio Bautista
Estimation Modelling Of The Amount Of Fodder Beet Production In Turkey: Comparative Analysis Of Artificial Neural Networks And Trend Analysis Methods
Authors: Senol Çelik
The Impact Of Implementing Inclusive Quality Management On Organizational Trust (case Study: Education)
Authors: Mohammad Taghipour; Reza Azarian
Hata Path Loss Model-Based Optimal Path Length For Microwave Communication Link
Authors: Akaninyene B. Obot
Spatial Regression Models For Characterizing The Distribution Of Peak Sun Hours, PV Daily Energy Yield And Storage Battery Capacity For Standalone Photovoltaic (PV) Installations Across Nigeria
Authors: Ozuomba, Simeon; Usah, Emmamuel Okon; Etinamabasiyaka Edet Ekott
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