Vol.5 – Issue 7 (July– 2019)

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Can You Hit What You See?
Authors: Szeto Ching Ho
Characterization Of Water Hyacinth (eichhornia Crassipes) For The Production Of Thermochemical Fuels
Authors: William-ebi, D; Wauton, I.
Universe In A New Light: Inconvenient Reality (icry); Precession (eccentricity Rotation); Ligo(fantasy Waves); Gps(no Relativity Allowed); Lhc(design Blunder)
Authors: Bandula W. Dahanayake
The Use Of A Battery Of General Biomarkers To Discern The Effect Of Sewage Primary Treated On Two Population Of Donax Trunculus Located Outside Of M’zar Wastewater Plant Outfall
Authors: Zaina Idardare; Maryem Nadir; Aicha Ait Alla; Abdellatif Moukrim
A Forecasting Model Based On Combining Automatic Clustering Technique And Fuzzy Time Series
Authors: Nghiem Van Tinh
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