Vol.5 – Issue 5 (May– 2019)

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Enzymatic Hydrolysis And Oleaginous Fermentation Of Steam-exploded Arundo Donax And Lipomyces Starkeyi In A Single Bioreactor For Microbial Oil Accumulation
Authors: Gaetano Zuccaro; Giuseppe Travaglini; Gerardo Caputo; Domenico Pirozzi
Data Mining Application Using Clustering Techniques (k-means Algorithm) In The Analysis Of Student’s Result
Authors: Adelaja Oluwaseun Adebayo; Alkadhwi Ali Hussein Oleiwi
Tribological Properties At The Interface Of The aluminum and aluminum oxide
Authors: Ahalaptiya H. Jayatissa; Bodhi Ravindran Manu
Combined Effects Of Hall Current, Rotation And Inclined Magnetic Field On A Free Convection Fluid Flow Over An Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate With Heat And Mass Transfer
Authors: Kirimi Jacob; Mark Okong’o; Sammy Musundi; Ochieng Ombaka
An Energy-efficient Genetic-based Algorithm For Virtual Machine Placement In Cloud Datacenter
Authors: Pedram Saeedi
Tensile And Flexural Properties Of Common Steel Reinforcing Bars In Southwestern Nigeria For Concrete Structures
Authors: Oluwole A. Olaniyi; Adeola A. Adedeji; Adekunle P. Adewuyi
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