Vol.3 – Issue 6 (June– 2017)

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Security Issues In Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Khawla Hussein; Entesar Barges; Nadra Jameel
Cloud Computing & Big Data And Security Challenges
Authors: Alshafie Gafaar Mhmoud Mohmmed
Co2 Miscible Flooding For Enhanced Oil Recovery
Authors: Kerunwa, A.; Okpara, S.
Design Of A Road Traffic Monitoring And Report System
Authors: Edim, Azom Emmanuel; Njama-abang, Osowomuabe
Study On Sql Vs. Nosql Vs. Newsql
Authors: Alshafie Gafaar Mhmoud Mohmmed; Saife Eldin Fatoh Osman
Bridging Nigeria Energy Gap By Utilizing Her Coal
Authors: Towoju, Olumide Adewole; Petinrin, Omolayo Moses
Efficient Mitigation Of Ip Spoofing Using Bgp-idpf-cms Architecture
Authors: Srinath Doss; John Anand; Sreekumar Narayanan
Investigation Into The Effect Of Lenght Of Fermentation On The Processing Characteristic Of Cassava Tubers Into Garri
Authors: Oladimeji A. O.; Oyewumi A.; Lawson O. S.; Asolo O. H.
Geotechnical Indications Of Eastern Bypass Area In Port Harcourt, Niger Delta
Authors: Warmate Tamunonengiyeofori
The Effect Of Graded Levels Of Palm Kernel Cake On Heamatological And Serum Indices Of Growing Rabbits
Authors: Adeolu M. E.; Asolo O. H.
A Simple Method To Extract Fats, Oil And Grease For Biodiesel Production From Grease Trap Waste
Authors: Nam Nghiep Tran; Phong Quoc Ho; Tony Hall; Edward J Mcmurchie; Yung Ngothai
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