Vol.2 – Issue 9 (September– 2016)

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Preparation And Physical, Thermal Properties Of Polycaprolactone/ M-halloysite Nanocomposite

Authors: Nursel Dilsiz; Gülce Çakman
Effect Of Molarity On Optical Properties Of Cadmium Oxide Thin Film Prepared By Chemical Spray Pyrolysis
Authors: Adnan Khalid Hasan
The Effect Of Ginger Onmonoaminoxidase ( Mao), And Acetylecholine Esterase(ache) Enzyme Activity In Human Serum Invitro
Authors: Ali Abdulrasool Hussein; Ali Mohammed Abbed
The Effect Of Thermal Annealing Processes On Characterization Of Al/cds/si/al Heterojunction
Authors: Ameer Sh. Mohmoud
Effects Of Molarity Concentrations On Structural And Optical Properties Of Mgo Thin Films Prepared By Co-precipitation Method
Authors: Mueen S. Kadhum; Ibrahim R. Agool; Aseel M. Abd Al-majeed
Nanoparticle Dopants Tio2 Films For Structure, Optical And Gas Sensing Properties Prepared By Pld Technique
Authors: Ali Ahmed Yousif
Effect Of Annealing Temperature On The Photodetector Characteristic Of Sns /si Hetreojunction
Authors: Duha M. A. Latif; Alia A. A. Shehab; Najiba A. Al-hamadni
Structural And Dielectric Properties For (pvc-ag) Polymer Nanocomposites
Authors: Intisar Mohammed Shatti; Batool Daram Balwa; Asrar Abdulmunem Saeed
Removal Of Chlorophenols From Aqueous Solutions By Uv Photodegradation
Authors: Maroš Soldán; Miroslava Janská; Hana Kobeticová; Michaela Klacanská
Plasma Etching Techniques, For Enhancing The Titanium Dioxide Sensitivity To Ammonia Gas
Authors: Muneer H. Jaduaa Alzubaidy
The Effect Of Seismic Coefficients Direction On The Axial Force Of Rock Bolts In Steep Ground
Authors: Saeed Mojtabazadeh Hasanlouyi; Mohsen Mohammadi; Amir Hossein Mohammad Hassani; Mohammad Taghi Emami Far
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