Vol.2 – Issue 6 (June– 2016)

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Natural Resources And Food Security: A Case Study Of Effect Of Supplements On The Growth And Fruiting Body Of Oyster Mushroom (pleurotus Sajorcaju)
Authors: Egbuche Christian Toochi; E. C. Nwaihu; U. E. Ekwugha; Osuorji, Jonathan O
An Assesment Of Foundation Design Of Buildings In Lagos
Authors: Tiza Michael; Apeh Abraham; Omale James; Iorwua Bem Michael
Multipurpose Voice Controlled Wheelchair
Authors: Aeman Aead; Nesma Alsamony; Alaa El Khateeb
Doping Ratio Of Silver Dependent On The Structure And Optical Properties Of Thin Cadmium Telluride Films
Authors: Mohammad H. Mustafa
Effect Of Solvent Polarity On The Quantum Yield Of (c17h19n3)
Authors: Asmaa S. J. Mheesin Al-ragehey
The Effect Of Depth And Diameter Of Tunnels On The Axial Force Of Rock Bolts
Authors: Vahid Hosseinitoudeshki; Saeed Mojtabazadeh Hasanlouyi
Synthesis, Spectral Characteristics And Dft Studies Of The [cu(3-amino-1,2,4-triazole)3so4]
Authors: Rumyana Yankova; Stoicho Avramov
Investigation Of Some Physical Properties For Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Applications Prepared By Two Methods
Authors: Mustafa Shakir Hashim; Reem Saadi Kaleel
Preparation Of Cadmium Sulfide Nanoparticles By Laser Ablation In Methanol Solution
Authors: Lamyaa M. Raoof; Osama A. Dakhil; Hala F. Dagher
Thermal Annealing Effects On Characterization Of Tin Sulfide Thin Films
Authors: Ahmed T. Hassan
Thickness Influence On The Synthesis Of Metal Oxide Nio Using Rf- Magnetron Sputtering
Authors: Ehssan Salah Hassan; Mohammed Hadi Salih; Ahmed N. Abd
Proposing A Model Based On Decision Framework Of Retailer For Optimizing The Profit Of Retailer’s Company In Electricity Market
Authors: Kourosh Apornak; Faramarz Faghihi
Levels of Heavy Metals in Bottom Ash from Medical Waste Incinerators in Dar es Salaam
Authors: Josephat Alexander Saria
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